Sunday, July 10, 2022

Fringe 2022 - Top Ten - #3 - Finger Lickin’ Good - Special When Lit (Heather Meyer & Nissa Nordland)

A sex-fueled horror/comedy/edutainment show about fast-food giant Colonel Sanders. There will be blood (with 11 herbs & spices).

Despite having done this blogging about the Fringe for - well, let’s not dwell on how long - every year I still get surprised by discovering, “What do you mean this person hasn’t been on the top ten list before?  That’s clearly an oversight on my part.”  This year in that category we have Heather Meyer.  Don’t ask me how I overlooked Heather this long.  I’m dumb, I guess.  Heather is one of the best comedy writers in the Twin Cities, which is a metro area full of really good comedy writers.  If she and Nissa Nordland are writing something together, AND Mike Fotis is directing, AND the cast includes Sam Landman (as a naughty Colonel Sanders), Rita Boersma, Shanan Custer, and Duck Washington (and that’s just the artists whose work I know and admire, there are more involved) - it would be foolish of me not to attend and be entertained.  Normally I don’t go for a lot of shows with violence, blood and horror elements - but with all these people involved, I feel like I’ll be in good (if demented) hands with this one.  If Finger Lickin’ Good sounds like your kind of weirdness, you should definitely go.

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