Monday, July 11, 2022

Fringe 2022 - Top 20 - #13 - My Empty Arms – Broken Wing Productions (Sheree Froelich)

The story of one woman's choice to place her child for adoption, and the world designed to make that choice necessary.
From the "More Information" tab on their Fringe show page: "'My Empty Arms' is the story of one persons choice: Sheree Froelich. Lost in the national debate around personal choice and human rights are the people left behind by a system that punishes those with less. So often, people remember their talking points and forget that we’re talking about the lives of humans and not an alternative to a medical procedure.
This show is written, performed, and directed by a birth mother and two adoptees. No one can ever know how their lives would have been different had we maintained a system of kindness, support, and access to vital resources, but we envision a future world where those with uteruses are afforded all of these tools, not just a nation excited to have another social media debate.
For more information about some of those resources, visit Saving Our Sisters."

I find the subject matter of My Empty Arms really compelling, so that’s why it’s on the list.  Side note, the author/performer Sheree Froelich's husband Scot is doing the sound design, and he himself landed at #5 on this pre-Fringe Top 20 list back in 2013.  So now we have the whole household on the roster.

Addendum: They recently had a Fringe preview:



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