Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Fringe 2022 - Returning Favorites - RE|dance Group


The Biggest Wail from the Bottom of My Heart – RE|dance group
This 8 dancer ensemble presents dance theatre with original text, athletic dancing and a series of powerful vignettes that reflect the urgency, need, and desire to reject ignorance and be a call to action.

RE|dance group was in my pre-Fringe Top 20 back in 2017, but if I’d known just how much both Mom and I were going to enjoy their 5-star show “It’s About Love Again This Year,” they would have ranked a lot higher on the list than I put them when I was just guessing and trying to establish some order in a random numbered list.

It was good to get another taste of their work on video in 2020 during the virtual Fringe (What Love Looks Like), but their ensemble dancing really needs to be experienced live so I’m really glad they’re back on a Fringe stage in Minneapolis again.  Last time they were in town, I said, “Dance this enjoyable to watch, and this emotionally available, is a rare thing, and very easy to love.”  I expect I’ll have similar feeling again this year, so I’m very much looking forward to The Biggest Wail From The Bottom of My Heart.


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