Monday, July 11, 2022

Fringe 2022 - Top Ten - #5 - swim team – The Aquatic Center (george mcconnell, Samantha Johns)

swim team, inspired by Miranda July’s story, is a devised comedy exploring relationships between women dealing with the impact of toxic masculinity inflicted through romantic entanglements, and there is water.

Honestly, the only thing I need to know about swim team is that george mcconnell is directing and Samantha Johns is a production consultant on the show.  Those two (together or individually) create some of the most engaging, mind-boggling, amazing theater I’ve ever seen.  They directed a show back in 2012 called “Snowf**k” (without the asterisks) that I still think about.  So whatever they’re doing, whoever they’re working with, I’m on board.  There’s a video trailer on the show page on the Fringe site, and there’s more video and photos of this show in development on george’s website if you want more of a preview.  Very much looking forward to this one.  And if you haven’t seen work from these people before, you really should see swim team.

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