Monday, July 11, 2022

Fringe 2022 - Top Ten - #8 - Desi Heart Crust – SAATH

Desi Heart Crust is a story of a Blindian (Black x Indian) couple exploring how race, culture & activism shapes their relationship. From Afrobeats to Bhangra to powerful acts, come see this Desi dance drama!

I saw some SAATH offerings during the virtual Fringe, but the main reason I’ve added this to the list is because one of the playwrights involved is Varghese “Alex” Alexander.  Alex has sat in on my writing group in recent years and I’ve always enjoyed the scripts he was working on, so if he’s involved in the project, I’m intrigued enough to put Desi Heart Crust on my schedule.  Plus there’s dance and music as well.

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