Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Fringe 2022 - Returning Favorites - Mahmoud Hakima and his Three(?!) Fringe shows


Mahmoud Hakima, who was in my pre-Fringe Top 5 back in 2010, is really going all in on the Fringe being back live on stage this year.  He’s got himself in three different Fringe shows in three different places.  He’s performing with Legends Improv Theater at the Bryant Lake Bowl for “It’s Going Down In Uptown,” and in the musical “Happy Endings Church: A Haggardly Tale of Woe & Redemption” in the Augsburg Studio, and finally in Oncoming Productions’ “Slender Vale (an improvised terror)” at Mixed Blood.  I’m actually interested in seeing all three of those (Going Down and Happy Endings are both in the LGBTQ+ content category of shows - and no, not just because of those phrases I picked out of their titles - and the team on Slender Vale has several other Fringe regulars in it, too), so I may be seeing a lot of Mahmoud this Fringe. 

It’s Going Down in Uptown – Legends Improv Theater

Welcome to the House of Humility. L.I.T. is here to serve you bowls of random acts of dopeness! Let's get L.I.T. with the pure language of the present tense!

Happy Endings Church: A Haggardly Tale of Woe & Redemption – Toby Cryns

A comedic rock musical about a megachurch pastor's wife! It's crass and cringe-worthy - just like Ted Haggard's church services of the early 2000s! Follow the Haggards' rise and fall and resurrection!

Slender Vale (an improvised terror) - Oncoming Productions

Each performance is a spontaneous tale of terror from the haunted, cursed, infested little Northern MN town of Slender Vale. You've seen improv comedy, now come explore the darker corners of what improv can do.


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