Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Fringe 2022 - Returning Favorites - alleged Theatre Company

3 Guys on State Who Get Hit with Hot Dogs, Snow Cones, etc. - alleged Theatre Company

Three guys are trapped on stage, forced to play humiliating games by a mysterious voice. Their punishment: getting food thrown at them. Their reward: a piece of fudge. Can they endure?

Their video trailer looks like a hostage video and that’s clearly intentional.  These folks were in my pre-Fringe Top 20 for 2019 for their equally odd offering “Which Middle Name of Philip Seymour Hoffman Are YOU?” and while I’m not in the mood for tormenting performers, even if they’re asking for it, given that I know they do good work I’m still curious enough to go and see what the heck they’re actually up to here.  There’s always something else intriguing and thought-provoking lurking beneath the absurdity of the concept of an alleged Theatre Co. production.

Addendum: They recently had a Fringe preview:


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