Sunday, July 10, 2022

Fringe 2022 - Top 20 - #19 - Stars of the Twin Cities – Sam and Bethany Walker

Stars of the Twin Cities is a movie musical—an original film accompanied by a trio. The movie on screen is scored on stage. And there’s interludes of new vocal music. Stars are here!

They have a great video sampler of this one on their Fringe show page.  I like the idea of combining the film with live music - and the film itself seems so whimsical and silly that it looks like a fun time.  So it’s on the list.  Check out the video, you’ll know whether or not Stars of the Twin Cities for you, too.


(You can click on the following links to see a set of links to the full Top 10 list, the Top 11-20 list, a list of returning favorites, and the full coverage of the 2022 Fringe on this blog.) 



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