Monday, July 11, 2022

Fringe 2022 - Top 20 - #16 - Sunshine – House Full of Frogs (Franklin Heller)

Caught between the loss of her mother & her broken father, ride the highs & lows of the thoughts of a ballsy but broken gal stuck between her past & her next drink, on a journey of joy, pain & redemption.

The reason I’ve got this one on my list is that Franklin Heller is directing it.  Franklin is a familiar face to regular Fringe goers since he seems to volunteer all over the place during the festival.  Franklin also has been one of the actors who regularly sits in with my writing group, contributing both his talents as a performer and his insights as someone who sees and participates in a lot of theater.  All of which should make him an ideal Fringe festival director.  And if he’s found a script he likes, I trust that instinct.  So I’m making a point to get Sunshine on my schedule.

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