Monday, July 11, 2022

Fringe 2022 - Top 20 - #14 - The Brothers Dangus Vol. 1: The Liturgy of the Big Yellow Ghost – The Yes Fly List

A noble pastorale which confronts the audience with the [a]symbiotic relationship between arts and commerce. Nourish your mind, body, and spirit in playful revelry with the Brothers Dangus.

From the "More Information" tab on their Fringe show page: "June 30 2022: Portents of the Hot Hot Moon emerge nightly; the smattering of gnats, the smell of charred meats, and the mood is a lazy nod to inherent sexuality. We dine upon grapes and goo and have completed the first working draft of the script."
First, the names of the Dangus brothers are: Baby Dangus, Dangus Dangus, Zog Itasca Dangus, and Johnny Burbank Dangus, all of which I find amusing.

Second, one of the collaborators here is Derek Meyer, who I first saw in a Fringe show back in the day, and have seen since in numerous other shows with various theater companies whose work I admire.  So if Derek’s involved in creating this strangeness, I’ll give it a whirl.
Unsurprisingly there are content warnings on The Brothers Dangus for language, crude humor, drugs, guns, and loud noises - Sure, why not?

ADDENDUM, July 15th

The creators of the Brothers Dangus definitely saw my post about their show because A.J. Sass responded:

"Apparently people have not been heeding our warnings. This show will not in any way be good, and people should absolutely not come to it. It is designed to be bad. We are doing a bad show. We don't know how much clearer to make this
Matthew A. Everett: Brian Hesser, Derek Meyer, Zach Morgan, and me are concerned that you will irrevocably damage your stellar reputation by recommending our show to your many readers. We want you to thrive and prosper, and even mentioning a passing interest in our show will bring inconceivable misfortune to your livelihood when readers question your judgement and indeed, sanity, for pointing them towards the abject nightmare that is our offering to the 2022 MN Fringe Festival.
Definitely do not check out The Brothers Dangus Vol. 1: The Liturgy of the Big Yellow Ghost at the Rarig Thrust during the 2022 Minnesota Fringe Festival, and definitely don't visit their user-friendly website for more information on our show. DO visit their website for shows that are NOT ours."

So, we have been warned.  Take that for what you will :)

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