Monday, July 11, 2022

Fringe 2022 - Top 20 - #18 - Have You Tried Cutting Dairy? – Ltd. Spoons Productions

One woman battles parts of herself and Long Covid in the surreal healthscape of an ongoing pandemic. A whimsical exploration of navigating illness and seeking wellness inside complex systems. And balloons!

Normally the last thing I’d want to see is anything that comes anywhere near the pandemic as subject matter, however one of the creators involved draws me to this in spite of that.  Kayla Hambek is a local playwright and we featured one of her plays, The Dragonflies, in the virtual new play reading series for Threshold Theater back at the beginning of this year.  It was an unusual and lovely play, again dealing with issues of health and how to live well. It also had a great sense of humor.  So I’m not surprised whimsical is part of the description of this show.  I’m also curious about the balloons.  So I’m going to give Have You Tried Cutting Dairy? a try.

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