Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Fringe 2022 - Returning Favorites - Les Kurkendaal-Barrett


The Real Black Swann, Confessions of America’s First Black Drag Queen – Kurkendaal-Barrett Presentations

Winner of The Doric Wilson Award Dublin Gay Theatre Festival . Winner of Fringe Encore , Cincy Fringe .The true story of William Dorsey Swann , former slave who became the Queen of Drag in the 1800’s

A return to our live, on-stage Fringe would feel incomplete without a new storytelling offering from Les.

Not that I’m surprised, but Les was also one of the rare artists who managed to transcend the limitations of the Fringe going virtual for a year or two.  His 2020 show online, Climbing My Family Tree, was great even on a screen.

Les is technically a touring act, but we see him so often (Thank God) that he feels like a local Fringe artist.  He was on my pre-Fringe top 10 list way back in 2007, but even then I was late to the party - Les had been sharing his storytelling gifts in the Minnesota Fringe several years before that.  I finally caught his Christmas In Bakersfield show in 2006, and when he remounted it in 2007, that’s when Mom finally got a chance to see Les in action and immediately became a fan as well.  So every summer she visited thereafter, Mom insisted that if the Fringe lottery was kind and Les had a show in the festival, it was going on our schedule.

Very much looking forward to seeing what Les has for us all this year.

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